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Peace. Justice. Principle.
Fournier for Congress
Racketeers and their henchmen now govern America. The two major political parties have been complicit in the racket and have furthered it by trashing the Bill of Rights, undermining the rule of law, and effectively repealing all checks on executive power. Most recently, our leaders have waged two wars to advance their political ends and lost both of them, as all responsible authorities predicted they would. They have long since quit regulating the big, anti-national corporations that control public policy, resulting in the widespread abuse of workers, poor quality goods, mass export of jobs, declines in public health and happiness, environmental pollution, the concentration of wealth in a few hands, and a failing economy. These problems can't be addressed until Americans undertake the restoration of Constitutional government. This candidacy--the candidate is a troublemaker and whistleblower--is an expression of urgency.
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